Stay Safe in the Garden this Summer

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The long Easter weekend is in sight and the met office are predicting sunshine and blue skies. 🙂 This can mean only one thing can’t it?! BBQ time! If you’re planning on doing a spot of gardening, lighting up the BBQ, or just lazing around in the sun, make sure you stay electrically safe in your garden!

Your garden has so much potential – it can now be regarded as another room in your home – the last few years have seen rise to people opting for decking in their gardens – after all it is low maintenance, versatile and allows friends to congregate in one area with the possibility of stylish lighting added.

Decking lighting – and indeed other forms of garden lighting whether this is lighting to sheds and other outbuildings, outdoor lighting, security lighting or perimeter lighting can transform your garden, is relatively low cost to run and nowadays offers many lighting options.

LED lighting is very popular for decking as the lighting can produce dramatic effects and are available in a range of colour options – another advantage to garden lighting in Hull is you can choose from different effects that would not be an option within the home.

Other popular options for garden lighting in Yorkshire include low voltage lamps for use on driveways. Many of these lamps enable you to walk over or drive over them without fear of damage. These are known as recessed lighting.

Whatever lighting you opt for, it is important that a qualified, competent electrician installs your garden lighting for you especially if you are looking at pond, pool or water feature lighting. Remember that water and electricity do not mix!

I see many dangerous outdoor electrical works on properties throughout Yorkshire and Hull. There are increasing numbers of people who are prepared to tinker with outdoor lighting as the perception of fire decreases with outside installations. Remember with outdoor installations, resistance to weather is a must – the correct cables and sockets must be used and these are just the basics.

Only last week I saw outdoor lighting installed using cables for use indoors. The cable had been left exposed to the elements and had someone like a child touched the cable, they would have received an electric shock as the cable had no protection at all.

Incorrect cable also deteriorates quickly leading to shock and is dangerous when in use.

Always ensure you use the services of a suitably qualified registered Electrician in Yorkshire to carry out garden lighting and power to outbuildings.

You can then relax and enjoy your social gatherings with friends and family with peace of mind that electrically you are safe.

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