Electrical Safety for Loft Conversions – Finding the Right Electrician

East Yorkshire Electrical - Electrician in Hull - Loft Conversion

More and more homeowners in and around Yorkshire are now looking to convert their loft area to create more living space. A new room in the loft area not only creates extra space, but it can also add extra value to a property. However, as with all property maintenance – such as a new kitchen or bathroom – if the project is not planned properly it could end up costing more than the value it adds.

The cost of your loft conversion will depend on your roof structure; the existing available space and what alterations need to be made to the floor below to accommodate the staircase. But with some careful planning, many houses can benefit from this extension.

Electrical Work in lofts in Yorkshire: It is almost certain that if you are considering extending into the loft, you will require additional power and lighting. It might be that power and lighting can be supplied via existing electrical circuits in your home or it could be that a new consumer unit (fuse box) is required. Consult with your local registered electrician in Yorkshire before any work is carried out to ensure you get the best and most appropriate advice. Be sure to get the appropriate electrical certification to show that the work complies with the UK Wiring Regulations and building regulations once the job is completed.

Additional lighting is likely to be an important aspect of any loft conversion in Yorkshire. Your registered electrician in Yorkshire will be able to advise you on the most suitable lighting design for the space. If enclosed ceiling lights are being fitted, such as spotlights, it is essential they are installed correctly with a fire hood or similar protective device. This will protect against heat distribution and prevent the spread of fire. You may want to consider up lighting or light washing on walls to make spaces appear larger.

If the plan is to install an additional bath or shower room within the loft space then extra precautions are necessary. Water and electricity are a potentially dangerous mix, so when it comes to installing any electrics or electrical items, a bathroom is considered a special location.

Choosing a local, reliable and trustworthy electrician in Yorkshire is a householder’s best way to ensure a safe job. Registered Electricians in Yorkshire are assessed on a regular basis to ensure high standards and their work is checked against the IET Wiring Regulations as well as other standards and building regulations.

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